Friday, February 13, 2009

Total Run Through

During "Intermission: Abby (Iola), me, and Rachel (Mary)

The first run through wasn't really a total run through, since around 10:00 we stopped (so people could clean!), which meant we were just short of the hanging and Finale. But until then, we had done well. No stopping (yay!), and everything went very smoothly. Frank had notes, of course, and the only one he had for me was my line in the funeral sequence--apparently it sounded off. I'm going to count this up as a fluke because I've never had trouble with the line before. And we were missing some people so the harmony wasn't all there, either. I have, however, asked Kristin if she thought it was something we should go over prior to our second run-through on Sunday.

Long weekend, huzzah! Tiff, Bill (her boyfriend) and Branden just came over, where we talked about the show, Branden's new job, and watched 90 minutes of The Dark Knight.
A very quality Friday.

And happy birthday to Anne, my first Best Friend! 27!

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