About Me

Me in my parents' backyard, March 2010

I'm 27 years old, the oldest of three kids (I've got a brother, who's 24, and a sister who's 20.) I grew up in Central Ohio and still call it home. My dad's a computer scientist, and my mom is a SAHM (or, as she says, "an overseer."). In 2004, I graduated from Capital University with my BAs in English Literature (especially British literature) and Political Science. Since graduation I've worked for the Ohio Senate in various offices. When I'm not at work, I'm singing, rehearsing a show, or at the ballet, theater, art museum, or shopping. Or at my apartment, reading. 
When I was 11, I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disease that affects the respiratory and digestive systems. In 2005, I became the first double lung transplant patient at Nationwide Children's Hospital. 
 Life post-transplant is everything I hoped it would be! I will celebrate my five year anniversary on July 11, 2010. Since the transplant, I've traveled to various places, been onstage in several shows, and enjoyed my life. I am currently working on my MA in Theology/Biblical Studies via Franciscan University of Steubenville's Distance Learning program. I hope to work in Catholic Education someday. In this vein, I also have a godson, Ryan Michael, and was the 2005 Diocese of Columbus Catholic Woman of the Year.

Where I write: 
Catholic Poster Girl--my blog on all things Catholic
Clusters of Crocus--my creative writing (well, some of it)

Want Pictures? My Shutterfly Page can help you there. 

Want information about my double-lung transplant? Go to the 'My transplant story' tab.