Sunday, May 02, 2010

Clinic update

I had my regular clinic appointment last Monday, and all was well. The wrap:
  • New needles for port access; mom got it on the first go when she accessed me a few weeks ago with the 1" needle. Apparently port likes 1" needle now, the 3/4" needle is a bit wishy-washy. Besides the fact that the 1" needle looks super-scary when being inserted, it actually lays under the dressing quite nicely and goes in very well. So that's a plus.
  • CXR looks excellent.
  • PFTs also excellent. 62/57, if you're a number person. If not, um...I can't explain what they mean. I think they mean this: the 62% is how much volume I blow out in 1 second, and the 57% is my lung capacity. Course they could be reversed. Either way, much better than pre-tx!
  • Some med changes: I asked for my celexa to be knocked back to 10 mg. We upped it in 2006/2007, when I was in and out of the hospital and we thought it would be better at 20 mg. Which was fine then, but we never knocked it back down. Now I'm back to 10, and liking it so far. Drs. A &K also want to knock down the vfend from 200 mg to 100 mg. Vfend is a strange little drug that very few people take--I get a lot of 'huhs?' when I put it on med lists. It's a pre-tx antibiotic (meaning, I've been on it since, oh 2002? God prescribed it.). I guess since I"m about to hit 5 years, the chance of the bug coming back to cause problems is lessened, so we can knock it down to 100 mg. This makes me happy--the fewer drugs I'm on, the more I like--but it also can affect my tac level, so on the 14th I need to have a blood draw to check all that. Obviously we do not want the tac (one of the anti-rejection meds) messed with. I can't imagine it going any lower, since I'm only on 0.5 mg now, but I guess it could go up. Or maybe nothing will happen and my body parts and systems will all get along!
  • Nothing special planned for the five year, just the normal testing. So sometime in June I get to spend 1 1/2-2 days at Children's being a guinea pig. :) It's not so bad. I get to catch up on my reading and my children's television.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

so glad to hear you're doing well! :) We'll soon both be at 5 years post-transplant!! We're blessed.