Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The 1,000 post

(Wow, can you believe we've hit a thousand?) 
In honor of this momentous occasion, I'm doing a meme I derived from the current Boden catalogue. If you're a new or old reader, it should interest you (I hope). 
And if you've stuck around for all 1,000 posts--THANK YOU. I hope you've learned something, or, at the very least, been entertained. 
Stay on, will ya? The best is always yet to come. 

  1. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Hair
  2. Age I feel on the inside: 17
  3. To feel better after a bad day, I: take a bath
  4. Most attractive quality in a S.O: kindness
  5. Most overrated invention: video games
  6. I'm told I look like: Claire Danes, my mom
  7. My breakfast consists of: coffee and cereal 
  8. Last saintly deed: Um....hmmm. 
  9. I'd love to be able to:Play the violin
  10. It's not what you know, it's: How you use it
  11. High point of my week: Friday night
  12. The way to a woman's heart: consideration
  13. I could talk for hours about: books
  14. I wish I'd spent more time: writing
  15. I'm surprisingly good at: mechanical things
  16. I'm notorious for: my voice
  17. What makes me feel glamorous: diamonds
  18. If I were handed $1,000 tomorrow, I'd: buy books and Met Opera tickets
  19. Favorite author: Jane!
  20. What's your driving style: Fast and signal-using
  21. Recent re-discovery: Beverly Cleary's Ramona books
  22. I've never mastered: Math
  23. Never ask a man: About old girlfriends
  24. Scariest thing I've ever done: Ridden the Magnum at Cedar Point (I know, I know...)
  25. Most precious (non-human possession): Caroline the bunny and Coach the bear
  26. Thing that gets easier as I get older: Driving
  27. If only men could: read my mind
  28. Best thing about the internet: Shopping!
  29. I wish I had a dollar for: Every book I've read
  30. Recent discovery: L'occitane soaps
  31. Never ask a  woman: her clothing size
  32. If I had a year off, I would: Finish my novel and travel
  33. I'm constantly embarrassed by: The way thoughts pop out of my mouth without being censored!
  34. At school I never saw the point of: Diagramming sentences; the 'effort' grade
  35. If my phone rings at 7 a.m.: I don't hear it
  36. Survival equipment for_____ (Rehearsal): a book 

1 comment:

scmom (Barbara) said...

Diagramming sentences is very helpful when you're going to take Latin (and I secretly find it very fun -- Shhh! don't tell my kids).