Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Four Year Report

So, I had my own clinic on Monday (where I saw the Little Guy mentioned in the post immediately before this one), where I had the normal blood draw, CXR and and PFTs (although the main PFT machine was broken so we had to use another one. Boo.). PFTs were really great-highest they've been since November of '06. Yay! Blood work, CXR, and tests from last Thursday were also excellent. Dr. A is really pleased and doesn't want to see me again until the fall.
In the radiology waiting room, I ran into my friend Amber,the second transplant kid at Children's. She wrote a book (I'm in it too! Marginally) and we've talked a lot--before, during, and post-tx. So it was nice to see her in person and catch-up. Her anniversary is in September (Sept. 25), but she was coming down for a CT to check some things out, and to receive an infusion in the infusion clinic. Fun times.
So anyway, I am clear for the time being--the lungs like me, all is well with the world.
And yes, I have been hitting the gym pretty regularly, 3-4 times a week. Still looking for 5. Things have been so busy lately, so I am trying to dig out the apartment, keep up with school, go to the gym....whew. But busy is good.

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Jane said...

Yay! I love good tx news! :)