Monday, June 01, 2009

Adventures with chicken

So, when Dr. god told me to lose weight, I didn't think she meant the "food poisoning" method. 
And yet...
Saturday was a pretty good day. I had lunch w/ my dad, went over to my parents' for dinner, and then to Gresso's downtown to watch the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with my brother.
Dinner was my dad's favorite meal--chicken with some sort of white wine/cream of mushroom soup sauce. I have never, ever liked this meal. When I lived at home (well, OK, when all of us kids were kids and lived at home), mom didn't make this a lot, because we usually didn't eat it. Now that I'm gone, and Bryan and Mel are gone most of the time, Dad gets this meal more often. 
I am never, ever eating it again. 
We had dinner around 4:30. BRyan and I left for Gresso's around 7. My stomach was sort of bugging me--like I'd eaten too much, even though I hadn't--but my stomach hates me as a matter of course, so I went anyway. We ordered some food and Diet Cokes at the bar and settled in to watch the game on Gresso's big screen (in a room complete with comfy leather couches). 
As the first period progressed, my stomach felt worse--as in, extremely painful. If it had been on the left side I would have through pancreatitis or appendicitis (Yes, I still have my appendix, just not my original lungs. Go figure.). So I left the game early and headed home, took a tylenol PM and then...threw up. 
OK good. Went to bed, thinking this was over.
Oh, not so. 
After doing this about five more times, it was 6:45. I called my parents. (I had, briefly, considered calling the squad down the street from my apt. That is how awful this was) Dad came over, called Dr. Kirby ( the tx doc on call) and we went to the ER. 
Fortunately the ER was empty and people moved fast. I was a wreck--totally dehydrated (I didn't even have spit in my mouth, so talking was hard), rapid respiration, all sorts of things. Once the port was in I got dilaudid and phenergan on board, and I Was happy. No more nausea, etc. 
I was admitted to 5C, which sort of amazed me. I thought they would say, eh, you have food poisoning, here are drugs, go home, but no. More drugs through the night. I managed to keep one pill down. 
This morning had oral phenergan before my drugs--drugs stayed down. Ate real food (go jello) and was kicked out around 4:15--as usual, just in time for rush hour. Feel a lot better but sort of out of it, thanks to drugs. IV fluids are the best thing in the world. Also happy that I didn't have to do the whole, "If you want me to throw up give me zofran," which I usually have to do, because for some reason the Powers that Be do not like to give me phenergan, which is a Gift from the Gods. 
Anyway, that's how my weekend went. Hope your was better!


Jane said...

Bleh bleh bleh .. YUCK! I am so sorry! Are you feeling better now?

Emily said...

Yup I am! After some wonder drugs I feel a lot better. A little bloated from all the fluid they pumped in me but I can work with that.