Thursday, June 11, 2009

I did it!

I finally went to the lifestyle gym down the street from my parents', and joined. 
I rule. 
I have the passport membership, which means I have access to all their clubs (fantastic, since there's one right across the street from the Senate), and, with my apartment complex discount, it's $26 a month. Not bad!
I did the treadmill and two of the weight machines. That's one thing I've missed--weight machines! I loved doing those in college. 
I have my first session with a trainer next W. Wonder how that will go...
Also yoga and pilates classes, which I think the Melster wants to take with me. I hope she does. 


Jane said...

Is the trainer cute?

I always find that helps me ... :)

Emily said...

He's very, very muscular. :) He could bench press me twice over, probably.

MrsKruse said...

I would join a gym, if it wasn't so pricey out here. It's about $40/month pp, so for the two of us, it's a chunk of change.

But our complex has an agreement with a local physical therapy center that we can use for free. It just feels pretty depressing, though.