Thursday, May 28, 2009

The time has come

to get serious. 
Really, really serious. 
See, I made a deal with god today. (No, not that one. Dr. god. Hence the lowercase 'g')
It was my three-month check in with them--they have a special post-tx CF clinic for all of us. The last time I went was the same day as Parade's final tech rehearsal. (That was a long day
Anyway, today it was just me and god. We did the normal things--the rundown of the meds, checking to see if there were any complaints, basic exam, etc. Nothing too important. 
Then we had a Chat (and made a deal). 
See, before transplant, I weighed like nothing. (Check the photos in the May 06 archive if you don't believe me). Really, we're talking nothing. I couldn't wear size 0 clothes. It was bad. 
Now...let's just say we don't have that problem. 
Before t/x, exercise was supposed to happen, but, as things got worse, just existing was hard, so no exercise. And the exercise gene, in general, skipped me. My brother ran Boston in 2 hours in 54 minutes. Me? No. Running is a four-letter word to me. As Mia says in The Princess Diaries, "I'm a yoga girl." I have to be more than a yoga girl, apparently. As you know from some previous posts, I have been trying to work on this. Now I have to work harder. 
God wants exercise 5 days a week, at least 30 minutes at a time. 
My initial reaction? Four letter words. That I didn't say. 
Now I basically listen to everything she tells me to do, because she's god. But I really am not an exercise girl. I'm just...NOT. 
But I have agreed to become one. I see Dr. A in the t/x clinic on June 23, and I imagine Dr. god would take a peek at my chart on that date. So. 
We're going to make it happen. I think. Well, OK, it has to happen. I made a promise. 
  • So--BalletMet summer session starts early in June. I can do that. 
  • I have new workout shorts on the way (I didn't have any that weren't like a size -1), so I can work out in the incredibly hot apartment clubhouse gym and not die. 
  • I am downloading the rest of my CDs onto my iPod, so I will have a gym-worthy playlist. 
Accountability can be here, via the blog. 
Hope y'all are ready for some fun reading. At least all you have to do is read it!


MrsKruse said...

Can you take a more active style yoga class? That will get you the cardio you want without running around on a treadmill.

I've lost weight doing yoga, albeit slowly. I'm losing about 1-2 lbs/month. It's small, but I'm not putting in a ton of time either (1 hour once a week plus 15-20 minutes a few times a week).

Jane said...

Blah. I hate working out. With a passion. But I quit working out in February, and I've gained 15 (insert any four letter word here) pounds since. I started again last Sunday. I gotta get my butt back into shape for

1. Bachlorette party in Vegas in 2.5 weeks
2. Ten year reunion
3. RLA's return in September

I really hope that you can work out and inspire me to work out as well!