Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday report

*Mass at noon
*Lots of movies: finished Pursuit of Happyness, watched Pochahontas, then saw Star Trek at the theater with my dad and siblings. It's been awhile since I'd seen a movie in the theater, so it was fun. The movie was really good; the last Trek movie I saw in the theater, I was about six, and fell asleep about 10 minutes in. I also saw that with my dad (he loves the Trek. Loves it.). The soundtrack is excellent, and so is the acting. J. J. Abrahms does a commendable job resurrecting this franchise for the big screen. I, for one, hope there are more films featuring the young Spock and Kirk. (Side note: I didn't think Spock had a girlfriend! What is up with that?!) After the movie, I went home and started watching Junebug, Amy Adams' breakthrough film (for which she was nominated for an Oscar). 
*Baking: started making brioche loaves (recipe below). Right now the bread is "coming to room temperature" (36 minutes to go there). 
*Read more of David Copperfield. 

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