Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nicholas' Gift--15 years later

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
(If you don't know: Nicholas Green and his family were vacationing in Italy. While driving through Calabria, the seven-year old was shot during a robbery attempt. His family donated his organs, and the number of people signing organ donation cards in Italy quadrupled.) 

His story has been made into a movie, and his father wrote a book. (Which is very good--Karen gave it to me as a discharge gift.) 

Here's a related story the PPG also ran, about shortening the length of the transplant list. 

If you're NOT a donor, please sign up today


Jane said...

I'm all for presumed consent ...

I have yet to understand why someone wouldn't want to give the gift of life to others ... its not like they're going to be using the organs anymore!

After your transplant, did any of your likes/dislikes change? After the first one, my sister all of the sudden liked Chinese food, which she had HATED before. No such changes after transplant 2. :)

Emily said...

I am all about presumed consent, too, for EXACTLY the reason you said! Um, you're....dead. Hi.
I found regular soda to be really, really too sweet, which amazed me, because I had LIVED on soda before. That was really the only thing I noticed. I had to really change my diet, so it was good that that changed!