Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random thoughts, linkage, etc.

  • OK, yes, I've been AWOL for a bit. But between the Penguins winning, insanity at work, and friends' visiting, it's been busy here!
  • So, first, some linkage. This is a great, great blog post. Really great. Go. Read. 
  • Above I mentioned I had friends visit this week. Who? These two: 
That, my friends, is Karen, my transplant nurse, and her adorable, soon-to-be-one-year-old daughter, Paige. Paige was focused on the bit of lucky muffin that Karen was holding out--and Paige loved them. Every time she had a bite, she did this little head-bang/nod thing. It was adorable. Karen hadn't seen my apartment since I first moved in, so there were lots of changes! In honor of Paige's birthday, I got her Go, Dog, Go! which was my brother and I's favorite Dr. Seuss book when we were kids. I would read it to him over and over. We actually have that on videotape at my parents'--me reading to Bryan in my dad's big recliner. I was doing all the voices, too. Bryan was entranced. 
  • And yeah, speaking of the Lucky Muffins--Pens up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals against The Carolina Hurricanes. Game 3 tonight in Carolina. 
  • Also in sports news: this is a good column. 
  • In MA news: working on both classes, slowly but steadily. More up at CPG later. 
  • The unread book pile? Remember this?
We're working on it! David Copperfield is actually being read, and I'm making progress! Of course this weekend starts the Great Jane Re-Read (I think this is the fourth year for it? Not sure), wherein I re-read all of Jane. I will be starting with 
S&S later today. 
  • OK whew. I think that's it for now. More as the long weekend progresses....

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Lizzie Yoder said...

I showed Grant the picture of your book pile and he said, "Man! I hope she got those all used! That's a lot of money & trees to be spending on new books!" HA! :) <3 Liz :)