Monday, May 25, 2009


So, to wrap up the three day weekend:

  • movies watched: The end of Junebug, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Hmmm more Christian Bale. 
  • Books read: Volume 1 of S&S; more David Copperfield; the Terminator Salvation movie book. 
  • iPod updated and charged
  • Sewed the hem of a skirt that came undone. Yes, the skirt is beige. Yes, the thread I had was pink. But it's OK.  Also stitched up a hole in the underarm area of a cardigan. 
  • Went to Olive Garden w/ Mom, Dad and Mel for dinner. Yummy. 
  • Kroger for groceries. Stuff at Target is a lot cheaper, but they don't have produce. Sadly. And the north market stalls were mostly closed today. 
  • Wrote letters to far away friends. Yes. Real letters. As in pen and ink. I know, that's a bit archaic.
  • Finished the bread. One loaf for freezer, one for now. 
  • Coffee ready for tomorrow. 
  • Started a short story, which you can read here. Sort of dystopian. 
  • Made list of food for the week. 
I am ready for the new week. I think. Maybe. 

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