Friday, May 01, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday (vol. II)


I've been receiving a lot of wonderful feedback for this blog entry, including this lovely email I received today from BalletMet: 

Just wanted to thank you so much for your blog entry on The Great Gatsby. It was wonderful--I'm so very thrilled you enjoyed the production and will make sure Jimmy (Orrante) reads your comments. I enjoy reading your Culture Cat entries throughout our season! You've got a great way of re-capping the story as well as all the elements that come together to create our productions. We've got a fantastic season coming up--as a subscriber, be on the lookout for the new season brochure in your mail next weekend!

I can't wait to see next year's season! If you live in Columbus and have not been to BalletMet, you are denying yourself true cultural enjoyment. They are really one of the best things about the city, and I have never, in five years of regular attendance, seen a bad show. 


A sad note--no new ballet until the end of summer. ARGH! Maybe the Houston Ballet will be performing when I'm there? 


Tomorrow we head to Pittsburgh for my cousin Paige's first communion. We always do these parties well, and with the Pens/Caps game series beginning tomorrow, we'll gather around the TV after food, presents, and cake. I can't wait to see Paige in her first communion dress, although I'm not sure how long she'll actually keep it on post-ceremony. 


Not a lot of reading this week--too busy with ballet, Sing Out Louise and etc. But I am bringing David Copperfield in the car tomorrow, so I'm sure I'l get lots of reading done (provided I don't fall asleep on the car). 

I received the third Ring Opera n the mail today from Amazon--Siegfried. I'll probably put it on later tonight. Since I can't get to the Met to watch Otto Schneck's production, I've been watching them at home. As I looked at the DVD case, I noticed that the actor singing Siegfried (the hero), is actually named Siegfried. 
Wow. I bet he hated that as a kid. Or is it fate that he was cast in this role? I hope he sings it well. 

With the dawning of the age of Widget 2.0 I have been loading my new iPod classic with all my music. I've almost got it all in, and it's a wonderful thing to carry around in my purse, especially since it has ample room for movies (right now it's only got Prince Caspian). And the new computer (dubbed Widget 2.0) performs beautifully. 


And last, an uncharitable comment: if my downstairs neighbors slam their door one more time...

Oh well. Happy Friday!


MrsKruse said...

My favorite ballet at the Ballet Met that I saw in college was Balanchine's Jewels. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Emily said...

I really liked "Jewels" too, just for the sheer artistry. But for story ballets, Gatsby is my favorite.