Sunday, May 24, 2009


So, the first day of my three day weekend leave us with this tally: 
*Movies watched: 1 1/2 (Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day--review later--and the first half of The Pursuit of Happyness--finishing that right now)
*Books read: More of David Copperfield (he just got engaged to Dora, if you want to know where I am). 
*Chores done: staples bought at Target; general cleaning
* MA classes: Sacraments lecture 
*Games watched and won: 1 (Pens!) (For more hockey, check out this bad blood in the West)
*Taco Dip Consumed: A Lot
*Pizzas eaten: 1/2. Mel at the other half. 

A good day. 

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