Monday, February 23, 2009

OK ONE more...

Some funny things that happened:

*Jon didn't get one of his quick changes done in time, so he came on for the trial with his shirt misbuttoned, no tie, and his suspenders down. It was a riot. Well, OK, maybe not for him. He needs a quick-change person (like Jaylene in J&H).

*We forgot the order of the lyrics for "Where will you stand?" and therefore COMBINE verses into one very bad verse whilst circling the float.

*The tray carrying the champagne glasses was dropped not once, but twice--one of those being on stage.

*Bill (who plays Watson) had another quick change mishap, from convict ("Feel the Rain Fall") to rabid publisher ("Where Will You Stand?"). So the orchestra and the governor (Randy) sort of looked at each other and went on. Bill rushed on stage (fully costumed) and caught up.

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