Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Prayers and belief"

From Renee Fleming's "The Inner Voice" --a note her voice teacher sent her.

Dear One:
...First, you KNOW HOW TO SING and telling yourself that will remind yourself how much you do know and how well you use that knowledge. There is NOTHING IN THIS PARTICULAR OPERA THAT YOU CAN'T HANDLE. That is the first thing to remidn yourself of, and you have people around you that know it, too!!! ... I believe everyone at your level gets tense as they remember their responsibility. Try to snap your fingers at the so-called difficulties. They are there but you have handled much greater difficulties and come through with flying colors.
I love you and believe in you all the way and now try to accept the way it is with being way up there!!!
Prayers and belief.
Always and always and always

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