Monday, February 02, 2009

The Hardy and Wharton projects

OK, so if you read this blog regularly, you know about the Jane Project.
Well then I had the Virginia Woolf project (ongoing), where I decided to read all her books/stories/essays, etc. Now I'm stuck on "Orlando", where I need to get a copy.
To add to all this literary joy, I now have "The Thomas Hardy Project" and "The Edith Wharton Project."
Both of these started out pretty easily--"Tess of the D'Ubervilles", "The Age of Innocence", etc. I read the major novels. (I've got Hardy's "Far from the Madding Crowds" going on now.) So I do an Amazon search to see what books are left.
Oh my. Lots. Hardy wrote a lot of novels--I've ordered "A Pair of Blue Eyes" for my next one. And Wharton was an interior decorator before she wrote, so she wrote about that. Plus her NYC stories, and other things.
These are going to take awhile.

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