Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Saga of the Factory Girls

Or, Frank is somewhat Pleased

So after being an angry mob for 90 minutes, doing "Where Will You Stand?", Abby, Vera and I went to do Our Number. The Number. Whatever. Again. :)
My problem--solved--is that I'm just too loud.
(OK, all of you, stop laughing now. I mean it!)
Yes, I'm loud, OK!
But in this case, I'm too loud, and it's pushing the intonation.
So--quieter! Decrescendos!
After we did this a few times, Frank has us sing it blocked, while he sat in front of us and listened. When we finished the first part, he opened his eyes and said "yes! That is so much better. That is what we want!"
So now I just have to make my C at the very end a C, and not a C flat or a C sharp or whatever else--a C. IT WILL HAPPEN . This is really the only problem left, thank God.
I told Abby, who is pregnant, that her child is going to come out singing this number. No joke.
Frank's notes really helped, noting that this is really Iola's number, and Monteen and I are just echoing what she says. She's the ringleader. So I can take it down a few notches, knowing that I will still be heard (well, duh, I can probably be heard in Montana, anyway), and relax. I know this number. Whew.
Tomorrow, the hanging and the finale.
Thursday: Act II run through.

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