Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tips for Theater People

A list of do's and don'ts:
1) Do not be late to rehearsal.
2) Do not MISS rehearsal unless you're dead. Corollary: DO NOT MISS TECH WEEK unless you are "absolutely, positively dead."
3) Do not be rude to your castmates.
4) If you are having problems with lines, talk to the appropriate people and rehearse it on your own.
5) Do not be rude to your castmates!
6) Theater fellowship is great, but not when you have a cue in the next 20 seconds.
7) BE PREPARED in all ways--to go on, to improvise, to fix, to help.
9) Do not think Your Way is the Only Way. Be open to new ideas.
10) BE PLEASANT. Shows are a high-wire endeavor. Everyone is stressed. Everyone is nervous. But being mean doesn't help!!!

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