Monday, February 09, 2009

"Sometimes it was perfect"

That is what Kristin said tonight about "The Factory Girls/Come Up to My Office."
I am crediting Divine Intervention.

Tonight the three of us were called at 7, with Jon (Leo) to run this number. It is so, so fun to do. As Frank started choreographing it for Jon, he turns to us and says, "Do any of you mind being touched?" He got an emphatic No.

(Side note here: If you're really sensitive about that stuff, you probably can't do theater. There's a part of this number where Jon touches my butt in a suggestive way, but I know he's not actually doing it that way. He's probably thinking about his next line. It's like stage kisses are stage kisses. Now, do some people take it too far? Absolutely. Fortunately I haven't had that problem yet.)

So he choreographs the number on us (literally and in the balletic sense). We run it a few times, then Abby decides to ask Frank if we can dance.

Those of us who remember my J&H Fosse Resurrection Travails are wincing with me.

Fortunately it is very, very simple, times to Leo's second verse when he talks about "a new dance they're doing in Manhattan." The only thing I initially had to work on was the turn, but even that's OK. I'm sure it will look great from the audience. Frank liked it, anyway.

Jon takes this number and runs with it. It's really the only time he gets to have fun in the entire show, and I think he really enjoys it. We do, anyway. (Yes, we are unabashed hussies. Oh well.) I think the cast will like it too, and I can't wait for them to see it when we run Act I tomorrow.

Yes, we are running Act I, in its entirety. Then:

Wednesday: Act II (with the pesky "Where Will You Stand?" hopefully solved)
Thursday: The ENTIRE show.

That's right. Two weeks before opening, and a full week before tech--we will run the entire show.

I cannot WAIT.

All is well in Essie's world.

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