Thursday, February 05, 2009

Act II--twice :)

We accomplished a major feat tonight, that I have NEVER accomplished in my theatrical history.
We ran Act II--completely--twice.
Yes, that's right. Twice. Without stopping.
That NEVER, EVER happens. You are usually lucky to run the entire show four or five times during tech week. I have NEVER run an entire Act twice, with this much time left in the rehearsal schedule.
I bow down before Frank. :)
We even got NOTES!!!
Most of the act was good, except "Where Will You Stand?", which continues to be sort of a mess. But we have THREE WEEKS until our last tech, so I am sure we will get it. I was running it madly in the car so I think I know it now. There is a lot of off-book going on, too, which is awesomely fantastic.
Frank, in the notes, also gave us acting lessons, like "How To Turn" and "Please Project." That was awesome.
OK, how about we say everything was awesome,a nd move on?
But really, it was so great. People were on their cues, words/music mostly was great progress.
On Sunday we run Act I, which we have NOT done in its entirety--we've only done up to the Funeral Scene. But we have blocked the trial and run that once. So we'll see what happens. There are a few scenes that have not been blocked--like Leo's "Seduction" of the Factory Girls--but it will happen eventually.
So excited for Sunday.

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