Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Act I run through

Yes, the entire thing. Once.
It was pretty great; no major disasters, a few "outtakes" of word flub ups, but since we were 98% off book, that's really good. There are only a few people even using their librettos now.
"Factory Girls" went well, although I still startle every time Jon touches me. I just don't know when it's coming. I suppose I'll get used to it. :) Kristin is in the pit playing the piano, so that's good for us finally knowing where the sound will be coming from. Frank gave us notes, as always, when we finished, mostly big picture stuff. He emails people with individual notes, if there's a lot.
Our Leo and Lucille are divine. Really. I just love watching them.
Tomorrow we are called at 7:30 to run Act II (which is, of course, shorter). Hopefully "Where Will You Stand?" will be better.
Cannot wait for the total run through on Thursday. Yay!

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