Sunday, February 08, 2009

Act I

Today was... a bit low-energy.
What we did today is necessary--the running of Act I, the focusing on details. This is what turns an OK or good show into a GREAT one.
But man, it can be dull in the wings.
The first part of rehearsal was spent on the first 9 pages, which encompass three songs. First we had the opener--"The Old Red Hills of Home", sung by Jay.
After he finished, Frank gave him notes.
Then we ran our entrances about four times. Held our poses. Randy started the reprise, the men joined him, the chorus joined him.
We finished the number.
We had notes.
We did it again.
We had more notes.
We did it again and went into Leo and Lucille's first scene.
We sang "The Dream of Atlanta"--with notes.
We did it again.
Then we did the beginning of "How Can I Call This Home?" The blocking and singing revisits on this one took up the rest of the first half of rehearsal.
Then we did "Leo at work/What Am I Waiting for?" Twice.
We did "Big News!", which went well.
We skipped the Funeral Scene because Frankie wasn't there and we've run it before.
A new scene--Jay as Dorsey and Aaron as Starnes, discussing Leo's guilt. That went well, I think. Jay is fun to watch in this role.
Then--we were done.
We just seemed low-energy and occasionally crabby today. Not sure why. Hope it gets better tomorrow.
Tomorrow me and my factory girl cohorts, along with Leo, are called at seven, so we can run "The factory Girls/ Come Up To My Office", with blocking, which we haven't done. It's a three-part number: we sing our bit, Leo sings his bit in our "imaginations", and then we return to the main theme. I'm looking forward to working with Jon (who plays Leo) on this number.
I am hopeful that we are energetic tomorrow and ready to work! Act I is longer than Act II, and we haven't run it in awhile, so that may have explained the lethargy. Once we have it down it will move much faster (I hope).

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