Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lights.... (5 DAYS!)

In the beginning....
There were lights.
We spent the first 45 minutes of rehearsal moving props, checking lights and reading our program bios to make sure that there were no misspellings. (Mine is good to go, yay!)
After that, we began at the top of the show, sans music because our music director wasn't there. So we did "Parade a capella." Interesting.
With the lights the entire house looks different. It's a small house, so the lights play off the walls and in the dark it seems a LOT bigger. Plus the booth was lit so it appeared like a floating lighted space above the seats. The JCC has a great intercom/sound system, so we could hear Jen calling the show from the dressing rooms, meaning we didn't have to hang out in the wings to hear. Very nice.
A few minor problems but nothing major. Jen was very pleased. We stopped around 5:00, having gotten to "This Is Not Over Yet". Tomorrow is our first tech with costumes! Yay!
Again--run the show.
T: Run the show
W: Run the show
Thursday: RUN THE SHOW
Saturday: Opening night!!!

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