Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Problem Sports and Notes (Countdown: 17 days!)

"Please monsieur, another note!" --Mme. Giry, Phantom of the Opera

Tonight was a short rehearsal, mostly working three numbers: "People of Atlanta", which opens the trial sequence; "Where Will You Stand?", which went better, and "How Can I Call This Home?" Afterwards, Frank dismissed 98% of us, but I stayed to ask if there was anything he wanted me to improve in my performance. His note was for the "Factory Girls" number. We have lines that say things like "My face gets red" and "Put up my hair", so I'd been doing those things--raising my hand to my cheek, touching my hair.
I love the way Frank gives notes. He said it was good to try and explore, but that I should try it with my hands held at my sides.
I love that. Instead of "You're doing it wrong!" it was, it is good to experiment.
Love that.
You know you want to see this show.
Run throughs start tomorrow!

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