Monday, February 02, 2009

Essie's Redemption :)

Or, Factory Girls: Take Two!

Tonight was rehearsal, of course!
First, Vera, Abby, Randy (The Gov.) and Liz (Lucille) ran our scene in Act II--the reprise of "The Factory Girls", and then Gov. Slaton and Lucille's questioning of our testimony. The three of us did really well, and it was awesome working with Randy and Lucille. Liz has some great scary looks! Frank was happy with it, too, and gave us some great notes, which we used and, I think, turned in a very good scene.
After this, we had some time before the guys arrived to run the Chain Gang sequence, so Frank asked the three of us to work on "The Factory Girls" in Act I with Kristin. I was a little nervous--the reprise had gone well, and I have been rehearing this number, but I didn't know how it would go.
It was so much better! Yay! Kristin was really happy, and the sound was pretty amazing to hear. Frank and Kristin still had some notes on certain notes (say that five times fast), but it is 1,000% better than it was. We are going to run it again tomorrow night, and I can't wait. Whew! I asked my friend LaRon (Jim conley) how it went, and he said it's coming. So I am very excited and think it will be a great scene. Our voices sound quite lovely together.
So that was tonight--tomorrow we're doing "Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes?" and then other scenes until Leo and Lucille are called at 8:30 to do their last scene together, which includes the glorious "All The Wasted Time" and making love onstage. Yes, that is what the stage direction says; I didn't make it up!
So glad that this Waterloo is being defeated!!!

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