Friday, February 20, 2009

Dinner tonight! (7 DAYS!!)

Tonight's dinner, for Tiff and moi: mac and cheese--homemade!
I will report on the results.

UPDATE (10:45 p.m.)
Soooo yummy and delicious.
A few clarification/tips, if you want to try this.

1) I used a pyrex 9x13" baker. Worked wonderfully. Be sure to really butter the pan!
2) I used small penne pasta because I couldn't find elbow shaped at TJ's. Worked well.
3) If you have a candy thermometer, or any kind that goes in a saucepan, use it to gauge the temperature of the sauce. I wasn't sure if the sauce was at the right thickness, so I tested it, and it was exactly 160 degrees, which is what it should be.
4) The sauce is BEAUTIFUL. I didn't have any cayenne, and I think it needs it for the kick. You could probably add a few dashes of hot sauce, me thinks.
5) Since Tiff and I were hungry, I didn't do the extra broiling step for the crunchy breadcrumbs. If I had more time (Like if I made this for a game night), I would do this step.
6) It looks beautiful, and tastes great. Tiff had two servings. I felt happy to have made good food for my BFF.


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MrsKruse said...

I'm making Ina's Grown Up Mac & Cheese tomorrow night for dinner. :)