Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The ecstasy and....the comedy.

Tech day three!!! (And fancy color font to celebrate!)
FIRST, the "ecstasy" (These are all Frank quotes)

"Things are looking really, really great."
" 'Old Red Hills' is beautiful"
"Funeral scene is just chilling."
And, my personal favorite: "The factory girls were really nice."

(play the harp and blow the trumpet, or whatever)

The comedy:
*All of us turning upstage at the end of "How Can I Call This Home?" and then stopping very, very short as we realizes the float was in front of us. So I was squished into Dani, with Aaron basically in between my shoulder blades. Good times!

The tragicomedy:
*the hanging scene (which, trust me, will make you just bawl)--Aaron has to put the noose around Jon (Leo's) neck. This was the first time we'd rehearsed with the actual noose, and Aaron made it tight. So tight that if Jonathan (Frankie) had really kicked out the stool beneath him, Jon would've been in a tight spot. During notes, Frank says to Aaron: "Aaron, don't tie the noose so tight!" Jon nodded emphatically and we laughed. We don't really want to kill Jon. That would be sad.

Tomorrow night we do one of my favorite theatrical things: The choreography of curtain call.

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