Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Curses on my genetically deformed feet!
Rehearsal was like tech week Light. We had our sets today--Yay! (Like the real sets--the tree, the doors, the pillars, stuff like that. Not just the bare platforms) But that means we have to practice MOVING all these things.
Basically it worked out to 1 hour of rehearsal for every 10 minutes of show.
Yes, we need to do it. Yes, it will make the show better! Yes, this means are we approaching performance! (which is why we do this!)
But sheesh, my feet hurt!
Normally I start wearing my character shoes early to "break them in" and get my feet used to standing/dancing/ moving in them. But owww they hurt tonight.
(OK whine break over)
But it's a lot of fun, still. Always. Things are coming together and really taking shape.
Tomorrow the girls get to see their costumes!

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