Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yay Piper was there and the baby!!!!
Wow like the whole clan. Bristol has the baby. Nioce dress. 
Palin's parents....Mr. Todd. :) 
Willow, I think?
But Piper, my favorite!!
If I were Todd I'd be like "do not touch my wife."
I would kill to know what they are saying to each other. 
Wow Biden's wife is really young looking. If that's her. 
Piper is so cute! Right by her mom, adorable red cardigan. Awwww. What a smile. 
OK, yes I just love Piper. She is bar none my favorite political kid of all time. 
And she got her hair cut!
And noW Sarah has TRig, who sort of fell asleep. Doing the mom pat on the back thing. So adorable. J ust totally cute. 
Can I be the First baby-sitter? Because I totally want to be. 
Trig's oufit is really cute--a plaid shirt and little khakis. Baby Gap, perhaps? 

Todd...nice tie. 
Sarah with family, down to Piper. 
Piper has Trig!!! Yay maybe more grooming!
She totally has a hold on him. it's so cute. He's like a big doll. He must be really out or exceptionally good, or both. Expect more "oh my gosh the seven year old was holding the baby!" tomorrow. 
Family meets Gwen. 
She is carrying him like he's a sack of potatoes or something. Doing the little back pat. I just love that. She's like a total little mom. 
I don't know who's who for Biden so I can't help you there. 

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