Thursday, October 02, 2008

Live Debate Blog!!!

If you have no interest in politics, then scroll on down for some poetry.
Those who are---read on. 

9:00 Watching pre-debate prep on fox (time is my parents' family room clock, not necessarily "official STL time"). Really, really perturbed that the author of a BOOK ON OBAMA, to be released on INAUGURATION DAY, is moderating this thing. 

9:01 PM: We are on--officially--with Brit giving us the pre-deabte talk. 
Just switched to NBC-_Brian Williams on
Back to Fox

9:03: ON!
Ifil talking. Nice outfit. 
Domestic and foreign policy matters. 
90 secs to answer, 2 minutes rebuttal/discussion.
Coin toss determined order. 
Subjects and questions have been chosen by her and not shared w/ candidates.

Candidates out
Sarah in Black with th ebig pin. Hair down. 
Skirt uit--excellent choice. 
Nice heels. 
Biden is...Biden. 
Sarah looks HOT!
Biden goes first. 

First question--Bailout
Oh that stupid smile!
Good lipstick for Sarah. 
Biden begisn by thanking Gwen and saying it's a pleasure to meet Sarah. 

Oh, the last eight years have been the worst economic policies ever!!!
Gee--maybe because of W's PREDECESSOR!!!!!
He's like reading the answer!!
Two um's already. 
Has to be oversight
Focus on Main Street...sure, both of you are good for that. 
Treat the taxpayers like in vestors--then the taxpayers would want a GOVERNMENT THAT WORKS. Sheesh. 
Sarah taking notes. 
"Change the focus on ecoming policy" --focus on growing middle class. 
BEcause Biden ows...

Going to a kids' soccer game and seeing what the parents are saying. 
How are we going to afford college, etc. 
Small business inventory and hiring. 
Federal government has not provided sound oversigh that we need and deserve. 
John McCain has been a representative for reform. John Mccain opushed fvor reform two years ago. 
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac. His collegagues didn't want to listen to him then. The aklarm has been heard and there will be greater oversight, again, thanks to John mcCAin's bipartisan efforts. 
But politics aside and put the countr yfirst. 

Liked that. 

Would Biden work to shrink the polarizaion gap? 
Biden: I have worked on Violeven against women, geonice, etc. I've reached across the aisle. 
Sarah looks ready to pounce. 
No infanctice mention there. LOL. 
Fundamentals of the economy are strong thing again. 

John McCain referring to the fundamental economics--talkign abotu the american workforce, which is the greatest in this world. 
Team of Mavericks--talks about reform--we are known for putting politics asided and getting thejob doen. Obama--not so much. 96% of his votes have been along party lines. 
Put the special interests aside and get down to working for the people. 
Tired of politics as usual. 
Americans are creating something new and different, new energy. Commitment that comes with reform. We ened a maverick.

Gwen: Let's talk about the subprime lending bill. 
Sarah up first: Who is at fault? 
Sarah: The lenders that tried to talk people into buying more than they can afford. That's they're fault. We need to stop that. McCain and I have made a commitemnt to end that. Let's commit ourselves to normal american people--American people, Hockey moms!--we will never be exploited again. We demand ctrict oversight on those entities in charg eof our entities and our savings. 
We need to make sure that as infividuals we are taking personal responsilbity. *YAY!*
Never agian we will be taken advatnage of. 

Biden: Obama was on this two years ago (WHERE was he two years ago??? Oh yeah. Campaigning!)
Wow he blabbers I have a hard time udnerstanding him. 
McCain wants more deregulation. 
Lets free market rule health care.
Biden keeps looking at his papers. 

tax increases--we need tax relief! Obama and Biden voted for the largest tax increases in US history. Barack had 94 opportunities an d 94 times he votged to increase taxes or not vote for a tax reduction. That's not what we need to reduce jobs. We need to keep more of what we earn, and we need to be more efficient. The government growth needs reigned in. We need tax relief. Obama supported increases taxes on families making only $42K a year--the average American family. That kills jobs. 

Biden: Oh, Sarah that's not true. 
He did not vote for those tax increases. 
Something about Senate procedure. 
McCain voted 477 times to raise taxes (someone check that?). 
Back to dereg

Sarah: I'm still on the tax thing because that's werong. What I did as governor and you make not like it but I'm going to talk about my experience as governor and mayor. Ever yyear I eliminted income tax, fuel eax, etc. we did that knowing that it would increase our economy. Campaign finance reform. 

Gewn: Time is up (BOOO) Biden, do you want to talk about raising tazes. 

Patriotic taxes! Yes!
Biden: How is that not class warfare?
Palin: What about taxing employer ta benefits. 

Biden: TI's called "Fairness" (LOL!!!!!!)
It's just simpel fairness. 
100 million middle class families. 
No one less than 250K would see an increase.DUDE, someone give him a tax lesson!!!!!!
people at this income level don't CREATE JOBS!!!!!
He says it's not punitive. HUH?????

Sarah: more tghan 2350K are the small businesses! They are the ones who will be hurt and that means less jobs and less productivity!!!!
You said paying high taxrs is not paytriotic!!! YAY!!!!
Patriotic is saying Government, you know, you're not always the solution. Get out of the way and let the private sector and our families grow!
YES!!!!!!!!!! Woohoooo!!!
$2T in new spending under Barack's proposal. 
500,000 tax credit for families so they can purchase their own healthcare (mccain)
that's a smart thing to do. 
Obama's plan mandates health care coverage, government run program. If you've seen the way the federal government has been running anything lately, you don't want them running health care. 

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