Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate II

Bide--YOU ARE NOT FROM SCRANTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You we reborn there, but you LIVE in DELAWARE!

McCain taxes payroll health care for the tax credits. 
Plan will go straight to insurance company. 
$12000 for a regular plan
OK, he's losing me with numbers.

12000 plan v. 5000 plan? 

Gwen: what promise have you and your campaign made that you're not going to be able to keep?

Biden: Double foreign assistance (GRR! Bush has done that!)
Will not go with Bush tax cuts (GRRR again!)
Will not support...

Biden is not answering the question. At all. 

I am having a really hard time udnerstanding him. 
Bottom line is that we are going to eliminate wasteful spending and.....what? 

Sarah: McCain doesn't tell one thing to one group adn oen thing to another. 
Energy plan that Obama voted for gave tax breaks to oil companies--the running mate voted for that and yoiu're rtailing against it? 
Alaska--she took on the oil companies and said that wasn't going toh appen in my state. I had to break the monopoly and people are going to come first. The people of Alaska will benefit, and tax breaks are not coming ot the corps. 
People in the state, or the country, shoulf benefit. 
Her area of expertise. 

Gewn: There's nothing you would take off the table?
Sarah: We will do what's right for the american people. The rescue plan has to include the massive oversight that the American people want. 

Biden: Support for alternative energy. 
I think he loses the normal Americans when he talks about all this procedural stuff. Most people have no idea. 
He wants to do what Sarah did, but SARAH'S DONE IT!

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