Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another CF-er to pray for

Dean Barnett   [Mark Steyn]

Keep Dean Barnett in your prayers tonight. Dean is one of our comrades over at The Weekly Standard, and the regular guest host of The Hugh Hewitt Show, and in both capacities is one of the sharpest commentators on this year's election. He's also one of the least deluded citizens in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Dean is in the ICU with a bad cystic fibrosis attack. We wish him well, and hope to see him back on the frontlines very soon.

(this was taken from the Corner)

Why does everyone get sick in October??? The worst bout I ever had--when I was in the ICU for 13 days--was in October. That's when the CF conference is, and when 99% of CF doctors are away from their hospitals (this year it's in Orlando). Why, why, WHY does this happen?  (The getting sick I mean--not the conference). 

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