Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a believer

in the energy-efficient lightbulb. 

I was puttering around the house today and decided to change some lightbulbs that had gone out. I only had one lightbulb, though, for more than 1 lamp. So I decided to buy some more. 
I head to Kroger and notice that the "energy efficient" lightbulbs are marked down, and are plastered with stickers that say things like "good for 5 years!!" "will save $33!", etc. etc. 
So I buy a few, along with some regular bulbs. 
I love these crazy-looking things. 
case in point: My desk lamp. My desk is a computer desk that is sort of placed in a niche in my bedroom. It's a dark corner. I bought a "daylight" bulb that promised "fresh, clean light." 
Well, it delivered. This corner is now bathed in a lovely white light. It's so much easier to type when you're not squinting at the screen. 
So I'm a believer. Who would have thought? 

1 comment:

MrsKruse said...

Nooooo...not to the dark side!

I don't like the light output on most CFLs. We use GE Reveal bulbs with dimmers. I've not changed a light bulb in 3 years.