Thursday, October 02, 2008

More debate!

LOVED Sarah's clean coal answer!!!! WOOOOO! 
On the troop funding--Biden MADE MCCAIN'S CASE! It would have been so much more effective if he had just said that McCain voted against it, instead of doing the timeline tihng, because most people supported the idea of stay until you win! DUH!!!!!

Biden re: Isreal: We need NATO! Yes, they did a great job with other conflicts! Why don't we just send the UN?!
This adminstration's policy has been an abject failure. 
Oh, we need real diplomacy. 

Sarah: No, the administation has not be an abject failure. 
We both love Israel. 
Biden Obama doing teh blame game. 
There have been big blunders in this admin, but to talk about change while constantly looking back isn't good. 
Positive change is coming with us we'll learn and we'll put govt. back on the side of the people. 

Sarah is the queen of backhanded compliments. 

Sarah: Dangerous regimes cannot be allowed to develop/have nuclear weapons. 

Talking about Afghanistan

(Sorry for the typos, I publish as I type so it's current!)

9:58: Gee, Biden is such a happy guy! "This will not work" 
We spend more money in 3 weeks in Iraq than we have in Afghanistan. 
Oh God in Heaven. 

Gree, Biden is SO SHOCKED that McCain didn't vote for the nuclear test ban treaty!!!!

Sarah: Gee, Joe, you didn't listen. :) 

Counterinsurgency principles could work in Afghanistan. The same principles apply. 
Commanders agree. Leaders agree. 


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