Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dean update

From HotAir:

Earlier this week, I wrote about Dean Barnett’s current struggle with cystic fibrosis and how it landed him in the ICU. I asked for prayers, and we got a tremendous response from Hot Air readers. I’ve also seen how much concern bloggers have for Dean in the repeated requests for updates on his condition, but until this evening, I just hadn’t heard anything.

Duane Patterson e-mailed me a little earlier this evening with an update he received on Dean’s status, which sounds a little more optimistic than we’d previously heard:

Dean still in fragile state on a breathing machine in ICU. He is very willful and is fighting hard – the doctors are so impressed with him. His downward spiral stopped on Thursday, and we hope that with the continued prayers he will turn a corner this week end. He is in and out of consciousness.

Let’s keep those prayers coming for Dean and his family

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