Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate, c'est moi

Biden is really just going "on and on and on and on" (with apologies to Journey)

Sarah playing the Washington outsider card.
Biden is sweating...or something. He looks sort of bamboolzed while she gives him these lovely smiles. 
Gosh I love her make-up. 

Oooh--cutting troop support re: Obama--she quotes the primary debates! 
Alaska called for divestment in Iran. Legis hasn't passed yet but it needs to. 

Biden: The line that should be drawn is that whether or not we have the capacity to do anything abot genocide. 
Wait a minute--the MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD can't stop GENOCIDE??? Huh?What happened to that thing in the opening statement about genocide being a priority? Ahhh, Biden consistency. 

Biden: We want prevention and cooperation. 
So basically we want Neville Chamberlain foreign policy. I got it--let's just sit around and sing "Kumbaya"!

Sarah: If I ever became Pres. (due to McCain death or whatever) she would continue the policies of putting the government on the side of the people. Working class Americans saying "Government, just get out of my way!" (LOL)
Support the ticket that wants to create jobs or the ticket that wants to increase taxes. 

Biden's body language is very odd. What was with the "let us pray" hand position? 

Gee, Biden sure knows how to pander--now "his people" are the DE constituents. 

Sarah: "Now, doggone it, let's look ahead." AWESOME!!!!
And Reagan: "There you go again." 
"I come from a  house full of schoolteachers."
No Child....mentioned! Wow!
Emphasis on the profession of teaching. 
"My kids are public school participants." 

Gwen: the "what does the VP do" question. (barf)

Sarah: well of course we know--it's in the constitution. (LOL)
Supportive of pres's policies. President understands what our strengths are. 
He would lead with his agenda. 
Government of all, working with families of special needs children (YAY!!!!)

Biden: Well NCLB was left behind b/c we didn't fund it. 
Role of VP: Point person for legis. Also, when asked--didn't want a portfolio. He will give Obama his best advice. (Don't you have political liaisons for that???? Sheesh. Watch West Wing!)

Biden has VERY SCARY facial expressions. 

And the requisite Cheney slam. 
The primary rol eof VP is to support the pres. (Biden)
Oh, now Biden has juidial insight and is all about strict construction!!!!

Drinking game: every time Sarah says "Energy", take a shot. 

Sarah: We are exceptional--quotes Reagan. Together we demonstrate the perfect ideal--freedom, democracy and tolerance. We can be a force for good. I share that belief and so does McCain. "A good team is a good ticket. "

Biden: says he won't change. Um, he's changed positions quite a few times since becoming the VP candidate. 
Sarah's dad is in the audience. 

Biden's last statement about kitchen table stuff made me want to vomit. (Sorry, but true)

I think St. Thomas More would like Sarah. 

Biden's judicial temperament answer was not so hot. 
Sarah: No I haven't had to compromise on my beliefs because I have always found a way to work together with people. 

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