Thursday, October 02, 2008

More debate III

Gwen: Bill tha twould make it more difficult for mortgage holders to get out from Debt.
Sarah: There have been so any changes in conditions in our economy. We need to look back and be appreciative of McCain's calls for reform, with Freddie Mae/Mac. The colleagues int he Senate weren't going for it. 

(OK yeah Sarah!)

Gwen: Biden voted one way, Obama the other. What gives?

Biden: Obama saw glass as half empty and I saw it as half full. We disagreed on that. Here's the deal--Obama said two years that there's a subprime mortgage crisis.  (Um, in Cleveland they knew that 10 YEARS AGO)
What we should be doing now is something w/ bankruptcy courts and interest rates. 

Sarah: Quick answer--energy vrs. alternative energy. Energy policy plan--we have to consider the need to become energy indepedent! We have domestic supplies of energy all over! Let's drill it!!!!!!!!!! (OK, that last part was me, but that's the point)
It will create jobs and allow domestic supplies of energy to be tapped. Energy is the ket to this nature's future-- both economically and in the case of national security. 

Gwen: Climate change!!!!!

Sarah: Alaska feels the climate of change more so than any other state. We can attribute some activity of man, but some to the cyclical effects of the planet. 

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