Thursday, February 01, 2007

Steroid letdown

Well I had my last infusion yesterday, and today actually went pretty well. I did almost a full day of work, getting to the office around 8:20, doing clips, a column, and some press releases for Controlling Board items to be released on Monday. But when I got home around 4:00, I was beat. Sooo tired, I didn't even get to baby-sit, and I think I let the crock-pot meal I was making go a little long. That's the thing I hate about steroids. You feel OK and then you get hit with the side effects and you become so tired. So I'm going over to my parents' house tonight to sleep, probably won't go to work tomorrow, and I have another amakacin blood level tomorrow at 1:00, to make sure my kidneys are hanging in there. Oh the joy! The last two venipunctures have left nice brtuises, one about 1" and another about 2 1/2", on my left arm, so they are a beautiful eggplant color. Really adds a nice touch to the ivory skin tone I've got going on, you know?

Hopefully I will be OK to go by the weekend, since I want to go shopping w/ Richelle for some new things for the apartments--pillows and blankets, especially, since we are apparently heading for a deep freeze!!! Brrr!! Thank goodness I get paid tomorrow. I am so ready for spring it isn't even funny...and I am ready to kick this bug! But other than being tired I don't feel too bad. The chest pain is getting better so that's a good thing, and my nose is clearing up a little. So these are happy things. :)

More tomorrow....

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