Friday, February 16, 2007

Winter blues

Have hit me full-force.

Yes, we're (probably) stopping the IV course on Tuesday, when I go in to see both High Command and Dr. Hardin, my endocrinologist. But one never knows. Yesterday I just felt like absolute crap, and today didn't help either. Of course, at this point, I'm sure a lot of it is psychosomatic, and, as we know, I don't readily say that. I can tell the difference.It's just so cold, and everything takes so much effort...even getting to your car, to make sure you don't fall. Then warming it up. De-icing it. Making sure you can see out the windows, etc. Now this is a pain for normal people, it is especially a pain if only half of your lungs are working. I have been good and met my (very, very modest) goal of 2 yoga sessions and 1 cardio this week, but it was a real cardio. I'm just trying to get slowly back into things. It doesn't help that in order to get to the gym I have to cross the Alaskan tundra. My aerobics videos aren't recommended right now, either, since w/ my HR being what it is, slow and steady increases, like what one gets on a treadmill, are the best best. I guess I should just keep my Pumas in my car so that when I'm at my parents I can use the machine there. At least I did something. Work is also driving me mad, and I just want this IV course to be over.

The ears are also not helping. it seems like they've gotten worse , if at all possible, and now hearing some people is almost impossible. I need to get that surgery scheduled STAT, but now they're not scheduling until April or May, so that's a bugger, because that's when we're busy at work. So I am going to have to powwow with Dr. A on Tuesday and say, "look, we MUST get this done because I am going nuts." I really am, and it is not good. Especially since I had a little "traffic incident" with Lilo and I've been on the phone with insurance people, who I don't know, whose lips I obviously cannot read and have devil of a time understanding. Fortunately I've managed to get all the vital info. without majorly screwing up anything (yet), except my stress level. With the blizzard or whatever this week I was driving a car I knew nothing about. Let me tell you how much fun that was. Anyway, I should have my car back in a week. But things are just so crazy right now all I want to do is medicate and sleep...but that's not an option.

Thank God for the long weekend, and Doughnut Sunday this week. I am going to try to get as much done as possible before the next snow hits, because I'm kind of running low on food. At least the car is gassed up and ready to go. It takes a rather surprising amount of torque to get over some of these snowbanks. My next car is so a CRV.

Any happy thoughts are greatly appreciated. David did send me roses for valentine's Day and they are beautiful on my table. They are a happy thought amidst the snow, ice and work agonistes . As is my new Simon and Garfunkle CD :)

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