Friday, February 23, 2007

Starting on Day 3

Whew things have been exhausting around here. Sometimes I feel like we're all running around like chickens w. our heads cut off.

I've seen lots of docs today but nothing definitive or new. Dr. A said I looked better, and I guess I'll just take that at face value, since I can never tell how I look. I guess since I'm always looking at myself that makes sense. :) I've had labs, CXR, and an RT's come in to bang on me, and now I'm getting a lovely 3 hour drug infusion that I'm not quite sure why it takes three hours to do. Actually, it appears like no one is sure why it takes three hours to do. So I don't know.

Dr. W is supposed to come tomorrow and drain my sinuses. That's good. I got through last night with only two tylenol so that is also good. I'm pretty sure I will be here all weekend, though, and who knows when I'll get back to work. Right now I don't believe anyone is talking discharge and if they are I need to talk them out of it, because when I leave here I don't want to be back in two weeks. I want to leave here with a game plan and not come back for a good long while. This is just getting really old.

Kathy was just here which is always helpful when you are in-house. My parents are also here but I sent them on a beverage quest since I'm ridiculously thirsty (it's so dry in hospitals)and am drinking things like a madwoman. You know, Cherry Coke Zero is actually very good, which shouldn't surprise me because Coke Zero is good. But I digress. At least while I'm here I can catch up on my novels, blogging, blog reading, and movies. And my parents'll buy me fun things. :)

Oh, and a product plug: LL Bean fitness fleece is the best thing ever. I brought the jacket with me and it is so light but warm, it is great. I can wear it for procedures, sleep in it, whatever. It's the perfect weight. It also doesn't wrinkle so it looks good and makes me feel human. :) They come in lots of pretty colors which you can see here.

OK that's today's commercial. :)

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