Sunday, February 25, 2007

Days 4-5: The weekend

(Ahhh! I had this written and then it got erased!)

OK, so Saturday, not so much. Actually the 'not so much' began on Friday night. I was having really awful chest pain and, since tylenol was now the only pain med on my chart, we had to call RTs and docs and get the nurses all involved, which takes forever. So eventually around midnight (this began around 9:45), I was given Adavan, which I took. It's a nice drug. :) But it doesn't relieve pain, it just knocks you out. So when I woke up Saturday, not only was I still sore, but I had slept a good 9-10 hours, so I was even more sore from having slept that way, if that makes sense. I also had Dr. W flush/drain/sample sinus tissue/fluid/stuff that morning and that was lovely. Not his fault (I love Dr. W); it's just not a very lovely procedure.

Dr. M (also know as God to early readers of this blog) was the POC (Pulmologist on call) for the weekend so she and Dr. A were powwowing to see what was going on, because I'm weird. And my body does weird things and likes to hate me.

Sunday (aka today) has been a lot better. My parents were here, which was good (they were here yesterday too and were very helpful in the "let's talk to doctors and get the real deal and get real stuff happening! department), and Sundays here are generally tombs. There's no one around unless you're like Code Blue or something. Mom helped me wash my hair, which was great because it really needed it. As we know I am Queen of the Bath Products and not being able to have them here is driving me crazy. As is not being able to bathe properly. But since I'm not on IV meds (yay!) I'm only accessed for blood draws, so as soon as I'm outta here, we are going to the bath goodies. :)

Ah, yeah, getting out of here...Dr. A said this morning that if I'm good for 24-48 hours I can go home but absolutely no work for a week. I can deal with that. I don't want to be back here any time soon, either. So Tuesday is a possible ETD. We'll see. I'll let you know. I'll be living with the parents for that period, which is helpful for me. I might break out to see The Marriage of Figaro with some kids over the weekend, but hey, it's culture! Everyone knows the Marriage of Figaro, even if they don't think they do. Trust me. :) And I've sang "Voi, Che Sapete" enough that I could hear it by a professional. The best part about Opera? Subtitles, baby, subtitles. :)

One nice thing about this admission has been the use of 4AE/5T nurses for the night shift if they're running short down here or just need extra hands. I miss those guys, because you see them, they take care of you for how long (12 years in my case) and then you don't see them after tx because you're on a different floor. That is a bummer. It's great to see them again. And Rita, known to readers of this site as the BNE (Best Nurse Ever) has sniffed out my existence and visited yesterday and today. She is a riot--I've got to get her to teach me how to quilt.

All right, Oscars on in what, 1/2 hour? Something like that. So I better find the channel. I hope Little Miss Sunshine Wins the Big Prize because I loved that movie. There are some other good ones up, too, like the Queen, but LMS was just so funny. How can you resist that?

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