Thursday, February 22, 2007

The song that never ends...

OK, or the medical drama that never ends...
Go to clinic on Tuesday (all dressed up in a new suit, looking good :-)). PFTs down again this time to 45%. DLCO down. Box is down. My inflammation score (the NiOx), however, is down, which is a good thing.
So I see Julie and Dr.A and (surprise!), we do yet another bronch. Which means I miss the second day of session. Grrrr.
So we do the bronch. Apparently there's a lot of stuff on the left side, so it was a big wash-out. I was taken up to C5, where, instead of my usual practice of just going home, decided to stay the night.
Good thing I did. I have never had such a bad night after a bronch. I couldn't keep anything down, so I was given IV phenergan (gift of the gods), and I was having intense, severe pain all along my left lung, with it concentrated around the middle of that side. Normally after a bronch I'm sore, but this was sharp, impossible-to-ignore pain. For that, we did dilaudid and percocet (not together!), with the percocet finally winning out.
I was here all day yesterday, on O2 because my sats were low, and all sorts of other monitoring gizmos. We switched to oral phenergan and percocet (They don't make you as loopy) and did some new CXRs.
Well today we found out that it's pneumonia--back again! So we dropped the amakacin, are still doing the meropenum, and don't know what else yet. I'm due to go down to Ultrasound soon because there is also fluid in my left lung. So they're going to look at it, try to determine what it is, and then "tap" it with what I'm assuming is a big, scary needle. Emily don't like big, scary needles. So we'll see how that goes.
For now I am on O2 (I think about 2 L), and I've been disconnected from the telemetry/monitoring stuff, so I just get regular vitals taken, usually at the beginning and end of every shift change.
Sleep has been somewhat elusive, the first night because of the pain and last night...well I don't have any ideas about last night. But whatever.
I'm also mad because the amakacin did a number on my hearing so now I'm even more deaf. Which just thrills me. But I ddi see Dr. W today and he's going to flush my sinuses here on Saturday,which will help the infection situation by getting rid of bad mucus and germs that like to hang around up there. He's also going to talk to Dr.A about re-scheduling my surgery ASAP.
I am so frustrated and tired of dealing with this bugabear.I certainly hope this next course of whatever dos its job, and I won't be living at Children's. I want to get back to my 'normal' life ASAP.
Will keep you posted (so long as I can guard this PC..ha ha)

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