Monday, February 05, 2007

"I rule!"

I sure do, kids, because I actually had a good appointment today! Yay!

I didn't know for sure how things would be, so I was happy when they were good! blood work-good. CXR--good, shows good clearing in the lower lobes where the infection was (is?). PFTs-- 56%! Up five points from last week and only about 3 points off from my all time high back in November, right before I got sick. Woohoo! DLCO was good, and the Niox (which measures inflammation) was down from about 9 something to 7.5, which is good. Dr. A and Julie also heard many fewer crackles in the bases, which means stuff isclearing. My cough is a lot better, as is the nose, and my heart rate/ sats are finally better, so I guess that means no more excuses in the exercise department.

The plan is to do the IV drugs for another two weeks, then see where we are. My next appointment is next Monday at 7:30--woohoo! Hopefully things will continue to go well and I will finally kick this bug. Even though the port drugs are driving me nuts, I am glad they are doing the trick. We also raised the CellCept to 1000 mg and moved the tac back down to 1 mg AM and PM. So more changes to remember, but it's all good.

Now I"m going to make syringes for the next three IV infusions. Oh the joy!

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