Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We're home

OK I'm home. Why am I using the royal We? I am, most definitely, not royal. Of course yesterday had to be the latest discharge on record, since we got out at 7:00 PM, but I think one of the babies on the floor was having issues, and the kid in the room next to me was definitely having issues that involved a lot of banging and quite possibly yelling. Whatever. Just glad I wasn't in that room.

Gotta love it when doctors take away psychiatric drugs and DON'T TELL YOU. I was on celexa post-tx, because I have a tendency to get waaay too worried about things I can't control and generally drive myself insane. Before the celexa I was on something else since I was about 16. So that's like almost 10 years of solid meds and then they're gone b/c they interact with the Mighty Antibiotic I'm on right now. Which I understand, but dude, tell me and give me something else! No wonder all the nurses thought all the chest pain I was having was anxiety-related. Sheesh. Here's a tip: don't just stuff a girl with adivan, give her something else, please. Thank you.

My stomach, in general, hates me. The idea that it and I have to co-exist has never really hit home with it. So I just try to do whatever it's currently telling me to do. Which isn't always a good idea. Oh well.

No work, absolutely, by order of High Command, until at least next week. Taht's OK with me. March, Spring, and Branden's 25th birthday!! Yay!!

Hopefully I'll be feeling OK by the weekend so I can maybe go to the opera. We'll see. But glad to be home.

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