Thursday, February 01, 2007

Day In the Life...


My day yesterday: (Wednesday)

6:05: Alarm goes off for meropenum dosage.

6:15: Back to bed

7:25: Alarm goes off

7:35: I actually get up

8:00: Leave the house.

8:01: Realize must scrape car.

8:05: On road, where people cannot drive in light snow.

8:45: Arrive at work.

9:00: Find, much to my surprise, that clips are done!

9:30-12:45: Work on press releases, clip work, etc.

12:45: Leave for Children's

1:00: Arrive in Infusion Clinic

1:20: Change port site, give amakacin and meropenum doses

1:40: SoluMedrol arrives, start infusion

2:20: Nap time

3:15: done with infusion

3:45: Go to pick up glasses at Dr. Tracy's--new Kate Spades!

4:00: home, Bible, mail.

5:00 Time for dinner--Golden Grahams!

5:30-6:00: Some Fly Lady cleaning

6:00-6:30: run music for rehearsal

6:30: Leave for choir

6:40: arrive at church

7:10: run responsorial psalm for Sunday

7:30: Rehearsal begins

8:40: Rehersal ends--sang great stuff!

8:50: Home, bath.

9:00: More reading, cleaning, blog checking. :) Insulin, CellCept

9:30: parents over to deposit drugs

9:50: parents leave

10:00: Meropenum dosage

10:25: bedtime, read more of Masque of the Black Tulip

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