Sunday, January 17, 2010

Totally free

Today was one of the days where I like being single.
For the first time in a long time, I had the entire day free. No obligations, my parents are in Pittsburgh, so I have able to do whatever I wanted, all day. This is sort of unheard of.
So, I did the clips, got dressed, and power went out. No idea why. But it didn't matter anyway, because I was going out.

My first stop was the Columbus Museum of Art. I have a membership and wanted to see the Chihuly exhibit. It was crowded--Sundays have a lot of family programming--but I was glad it was crowded. The museum is undergoing a big renovation project, so all there was to see were a few pieces from the permanent collection, and Chihuly. I love his glasswork so I enjoyed the exhibit, especially Mille Flore. 

After seeing the exihibit, I bought a Diet Coke at the cafe and did some writing exercises from Elizabeth Berg's book. Two of them involved an art museum, so those were the ones I (naturally) did. After doing that, and getting two books in the book shop (since I'm a member, I get 15% in there, yay!), I headed up to Easton.

It was raining, so I didn't think the outdoor shopping complex would be too crowded, and I was right. I stopped in Nordstrom to get some make-up I needed, then went to Talbots and Ann Taylor to see what was coming in for Spring. I'm glad I stopped at AT, because I got 40% off everything I bought in there. Heck yes! Very exciting.

After that, I treated myself to Fado's fish and chips, watched the Vikings slaughter the Cowboys, and did a few more writing exercises. Fado is a great place to write--I always feel inspired there.
After finished lunch/dinner, I headed home, to find the power back on.
It was GREAT being able to do precisely what I wanted. I could look at the art I wanted to see, eat where I wanted to eat, and shop without worrying about meeting anyone or holding up anyone else.
A very excellent Sunday.


MrsKruse said...

Lucky girl!

I took my husband out dress pant shopping today. My husband doesn't buy much clothing, but what he does buy always rivals the cost of my own wardrobe. 3 pairs of dress pants, custom tailored, from Jos. A. Bank = ouch to my wallet. Ick.

Emily said...

Yeah the shoes were a bit expensive, but I got 40% off EVERYTHING, so that made me feel better. And I did need a new pair of work pants.

MrsKruse said...

That's how I do my AT shopping...40% off plus clearance rack is awesomeness. :)

The Fashion Vagabond said...

What fantastic photos! Thanks for posting!
I'll be curious to see how the Columbus Art Museum revamps itself...