Friday, January 15, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. XXI

So we're going to start today with a cute story. I was at Barnes and Noble, purchasing guidebooks for our Family Vacation this summer. I got to the register, and, since I was paying with a check, I had to show my driver's license.
The cashier (who was aobut my age, and cute) looks at it, and says, "This is the happiest license picture I've ever seen."
"I didn't see a reason not to be happy," I said as I slipped it back into my wallet. (Really, I don't. Why do people look like convicts in those photos? Do you really want to be looking at that for years?) But this also sort of sums up my life philosophy--why not be happy, when you can? Even in your driver's license photo.

The Great Thaw is upon us--the snow is melting, I can see my deck again, and it's mostly slush now. I can deal with slush. My car likes slush better than snow (although probably not cosmetically). It's supposed to be....(wait for it) the forties this weekend. Forties! Yes!

Since it's going to be warm(er), I really need to do a good pantry stock-up. I get a Trader Joe's gift card every year from my parents at Christmas, and I use it to stock my pantry with essentials (and not so the $4 Portuguese white wine....). So I will probably go tomorrow.

Since it is a long weekend *huzzah!* It is also baking weekend. I bought currants at the North Market last week to use in Irish Soda Bread. I haven't made it yet. That project is for tonight or tomorrow, depending on how the spirit moves me. One of the great things about winter is, as long as your pantry's stocked, you have all this time to cook and bake. Fantastic.

I have an appt. with Dr. A on Monday. I'm going to ask if he's started planning my five year party yet. Really--five years? Wow.

Books of 2010 update: Laine's Real Adventures, Farmer Boy. I love Farmer Boy, but didn't have a copy at my place. If you want to feel hungry, read it. And if you want to feel warm, read it! The first chapter talks about it being forty below. Forty. Below. How did these folks get anything done? At -40, I think it's time to hibernate. But I suppose the cows won't wait for it to warm up for their milking...
Another: Elizabeth Berg's Never Change. I really enjoyed the character of Myra, but was sort of shocked by the ending.
And: The Good Husband of Zebra Drive, and Blue Shoes and Happiness. I'm sort of re-working my way through Alexander McCall Smith.

Bit on books and movies, to round up here. I started watching Bleak House last night--I got it for Christmas (The Gillian Anderson version), and my parents watched it first (because my dad loves Gillian Anderson. Old X-Files hold over.) So I just started it last night whilst I was painting my nails. It's really great so far. I haven't finished the book yet, so maybe watching the series will motivate me to finish it.
Another book I'm looking forward to reading: Melanie Benjamin's Alice I Have Been. I just picked it up and the beginning is fantastic.
And gosh, I owe you guys some real bookshelves. This weekend. I promise. I want to do one for La's Orchestra Saves the World, and for Alice, once it's done.

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