Friday, January 01, 2010

How to learn how to play piano

"One of my proudest accomplishments"

How I did it: I essentially taught myself, with help from my grandmother and friends who played the piano.
I started on my grandmother's organ when I was in about second grade. My family is very musical so I already knew how to read a score. In fourth grade, I began playing the clarinet, so I took my knowledge of music from that and transposed it to the piano. I always wanted lessons, but my family didn't get a piano until I was in college, so I remained self-taught, using the keyboard my grandparents bought me.

Lessons & tips: This is NOT how I'd recommend learning--I would've loved to take actual lessons--but it's how I did it. I can play most things I want to play, and, since I'm also a vocalist, it's essential that I know how to play at least basic accompaniment for when I'm practicing or learning a new piece.

Resources: My family; knowing how to play another instrument already; a desire to learn.

It took me 4 years.

It made me

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