Monday, January 18, 2010

Clinic Update

Today I spent the morning of my day off with the kids at the Resort. It was a normal visit, nothing too special, and I had scheduled it for my day off so that if they wanted to do testing beyond the normal, they'd have time to do it.
First stop, as usual, was the infusion clinic, where, once again, the new port needle failed to work in my port. Thank God the rumor mill says the hospital will soon be switching back to the old huber needles that work. Mom has a stash at home for when we do port access, but at the hospital they do the new needles first. When the nurse asked me if it was OK to use the old ones, I gave an enthusiastic yes. My annual labs were drawn today, so that meant lots of blood for the lab to play with during the day.
After the blood letting, I went down to radiology where I had a CXR and a CT scan of my sinuses. We still keep tabs on those. Lately I've felt them draining so I figured this was excellent timing for some investigation.
Then up to clinic for full PFTs--which were stable--a visit from the new social worker, and then Julie and Dr. Kirkby. There were lots of bronchs going on today, so they were busy. I was unexciting. Dr. K said my sinus scan looked changed "but not terrible." So they are going to send it to Dr. Willet and see what he thinks. They will also set up an appointment for me to see him, since if I try to do it, I get stuck with a four month wait. It might be time for sinus draining surgery again, since I haven't had that done in 5+ years.
I left around 11:30, and headed to Katzinger's in German Village for lunch. I hadn't eaten yet today, and was hungry, so the huge Katzinger's sandwiches and French Onion soup were perfect. I had a book (Loot) that I"d bought at CMA yesterday, so I read that in the cozy deli and scoped out the artisan chocolate when I was done. It wasn't too crowded--civil servants (such as moi) had the day off, so I imagine that impacted the lunch crowd. But the roads were very clear, so that made me happy.
Dr. K said they would probably see me again in three months, which means post-birthday. I did see Dr. A and asked him if there were plans for a five year par-tay. He asked if I was paying. "Sure," I said. But I guess we'll work out the details of all the normal annual testing, etc., at my next appointment.


MrsKruse said...

I can't believe it's been nearly 5 years!!!

Emily said...

You and me BOTH. Aye caramba.